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J-Cup Protectors - REP Fitness PR-5000/PR-4000 V2 3"

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These J-Cup protectors are designed to protect the finish and knurling on your barbells from the metal-on-metal contact on the front lip of your J-Cups.  This will also prevent the plastic on the front lip from spinning.

Sold as a pair.

This design is compatible with the following 3" power racks:

1. REP Fitness PR-4000 v2 Standard J-Cups

2. REP Fitness PR-4000 v2 Standard J-Cups

3. REP Fitness PR-5000 v2 Standard J-Cups

4. REP Fitness PR-5000 v2 Lowered J-Cups

All of these J-cups are the version that does not have a laser cut "REP" in the side piece.

If you would like a color that is not on the list, contact me directly or put a note in the comments and I'll let you know if I can make that happen.



1. Using an Allen wrench (usually 5/32" or 4mm), remove the original front plastic.

2. Slip your new J-Cup Protector over the side of the J-Cup.

3. Screw your original plastic over the top of the new protector.  Do not over tighten or some of the REP Fitness plastics will bend.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Thiess Lindsay
Happy with product

This is the third set I have purchased. Previous two are still going strong and look great, so I bought another set so all my j-cups have them. The fit better than Rep’s j-cup liners.


Fit perfect and do what is needed.

Perfect fit

I have the 5000 v2 standard and lowered j-cups. These protectors shipped fast and were a perfect fit, plus add some color to the power rack!

A real knurl saver

I just picked up two pairs of these in red, one for each set of PR-5000 j-cups I have. They were easy to install and fit perfectly. I really only needed a pair for the j-cups I use for benching, but the splash of color they bring to a mostly monochrome rack encouraged me to buy a pair for my other j-cups too. I've been working on my bench press bar path recently, trying to get more efficient. I have found myself hitting the bottom or the edge of the j-cups more than I used to. This product should help protect my barbell knurling until I get my bar path figured out.