Due to high order volume, we are running about 2 weeks behind on orders. Currently building #1629.


2021-02-17 - New design! I now have an adapter that will allow you to adapt Monster Lite accessories to your Infinity power rack or squat stand.

2021-01-20 - New color available - Olive Green. If you don't see the option on a product you are interested in, just contact me and we can make that happen.

2020-12-23 - New syringe holder design that fits Infants' Motrin.

2020-11-30 - New design! Spotter Arm Protectors are available for the Sorinex Half Safety Bars.

2020-11-28 - New design available! I now have band retainer sleeves for your banded barbell exercises.

2020-11-19 - We're now using a new Lime Green that is limey-er than the old stuff. It should more closely match Rogue's "Bright Green". I will be updating the photos over time.


Q. What is the "Economy" option?

A. I offer an "Economy" option for those who value function over form.  Your color will be determined by whatever material I have on hand.  They might have some printing defects that don't affect function.  Turnaround times are usually faster with this option.  

Q. What color will I get with the Economy option?

A. I can't tell you exactly, but here is the historical data of what customers have received.

Q. What are your products made out of?

A. Most of these products are made out of PLA with modifiers to enhance impact resistance.  This material is tough enough to handle modest loads when used as designed.

Q. How durable are these parts?

A. The gym parts are less durable than the OEM UHMW, but when used as designed in a home gym setting, they should last for years.  They are not designed to take a direct load or impact the way the UHMW does, rather, they are meant to absorb the bumps and scratches that occur with everyday use.  They can crack or break if smashed directly with enough force.

Q. Will this part fit my _______?

A. These parts are only guaranteed to fit the models listed in the product page.  If you find out that they fit something else, let me know!

Q. Will this color match my ______?

A. I do my best to take all photos under identical lighting conditions with artificial flash (5600K) and a high quality SLR camera. So long as your screen is accurate, the colors should be true-to-life. Contact me for custom color requests or if you would like a sample puck.

Q. Are you eco-friendly?

A. We strive to be as green as possible in our little operation. The primary material used is PLA made by NatureWorks. It is a bioplastic made out of plant oils. Packing materials are often reused or recycled based on what is on-hand, so don't be surprised if you get some unique boxes. All waste plastics are recycled in the appropriate streams. Unused materials are donated to other makers.