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Barbell Protection for Rogue V2 Gun Rack

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Add protection and flair to your barbell storage with this gun rack protection!

You have the option to buy these with or without hardware.

If you purchase without hardware, you will receive (2) Protectors, enough to protect one barbell.

If you purchase with hardware, you will receive (2) Protectors, (4) 5/16"-18x1" Screws and (4) 5/16"-18 Nylon Nuts (as pictured). 


1. Line the protector up with the holes in your gun rack.
2. Insert the two screws and loosely thread the nuts on.
3. Align the protector as your tighten both nuts snugly. Do not overtighten.

You will need a 3/6" hex drive bit and a 1/2" wrench for installation.