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Duffalo Wedge

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Curved bars like the Kabuki Duffalo Bar, Rogue Buffalo Bar, Titan Yukon Bar, and the many other variants have become an important tool of the serious squatter, but racking the bars is not quite right on racks and J-Cups designed for traditional straight bars.

This simple tool will help you match the angle of your J-Cups to the mating angle of your bar, resulting in better contact and a more secure racking experience.

This wedge should work on most J-Cup designs similar to the Rogue Monster/Monster Lite J-Cups and the Rogue Sandwich J-Cups.

These allow for an adjustment range of approximately 8° to 21° from vertical.  The Kabuki Duffalo bar requires approximately a 12° tilt.

The current design only works on racks with uprights that are 3" deep and 3" wide.

These will not work on racks that are not magnetic, like the Rogue stainless steel racks.  

Sold as a pair.

To use:

1. Arrange your J-Cups so that the rack-keep part (the metal that wraps around the upright) is on the inside of your uprights (see pictures).

2. Slide the Duffalo Wedge underneath the inside of the rack-keep.  The wedge is magnetic, so it should stay in place on the rack.

3. Optional: On some rack finishes, the wedge might slide. If you find that your wedge is slipping, apply some kind of friction tape (like electrical tape) to the flat and curved surfaces of the wedge.

4. Slide the wedge up and down to adjust J-Cup to your desired angle.


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