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Rogue Fitness Monster Lite (3x3) to Infinity (2x3) Retrofit Adapter

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Sold in pairs.

This item will allow you to fit various Monster Lite accessories to your Infinity power rack or squat stand, or any accessories for 3"x3" power racks with 5/8" holes to your 2"x3" power rack with 5/8" holes.

There are 2 adapter variants.

  • The 0.5 inch thickness is used on accessories where the pin inserts from the front or rear of the upright, such as J-Cups, Spotter Arms, drop-in safeties, and the Titan X-3 Monolift.
  • The 1 inch thickness is used for accessories that pin on from the sides, such as the Rogue Adjustable Monolift, Rogue Matador, and the Rogue Kids Pull-up Bar.

Here's a rough list of 3"x3" racks with 5/8" holes:

Rogue Monster Lite Series (RML)
Titan Fitness X-3 Series (11/16", but close enough)
REP Fitness PR-4000 Series (75mmx75mm)
Bells of Steel Hydra Series

Accessories from the above racks can be adapted to 2"x3" racks with 5/8" holes such as the Rogue Fitness Infinity Series.

One pair will work to adapt most accessories, such as J-Cups, the Rogue Monster Lite Kids Pull-up Bar, the Adjustable Monolift, SAML-24 spotter arms, and more.

You will need 2 pairs to adapt the strap safeties and flip-down safeties.

Installation is simple.  Insert these between the accessory and the rack to fill in the gap.


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