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J-Cup Protectors - REP Fitness PR-1000 V2 2"

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These J-Cup protectors are designed to protect the finish and knurling on your barbells from the metal-on-metal contact on the front lip of your J-Cups.  This will also prevent the plastic on the front lip from spinning.

Sold as a pair.

REP Fitness makes two versions of the PR-1000 J-Cups.  The newer version (I call it V2) has protection on both the bottom inside and front inside of the cup (as pictured on this page).  These will not fit the version that only has protection on the bottom inside and an unprotected metal front lip.  Please check the pictures carefully and contact me if you are unsure.

If you would like a color that is not on the list, contact us and I'll let you know if we can make that happen.



1. Using an Allen wrench (usually 5/32" or 4mm), remove the original front plastic.

2. Slip your new J-Cup Protector over the front of the J-Cup.

3. Screw your original plastic over the top of the new protector.  Do not over tighten or some of the REP Fitness plastics will bend.