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Spotter Arm Protectors - Rogue Fitness Monster 2.0

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Protect your equipment from the metal-on-metal contact at the ends of your spotter arms with this protection upgrade!  

This design fits the Rogue Fitness Monster Safety Spotter Arms 2.0.  It also fits the older Monster 1.0 Spotter Arms, but with a larger gap between the UHMW and the protector.

Sold as a pair.


1. Slide the protector onto your spotter arm end from the side. The bottom may have to bend out a small amount.

2. There is a small nub on the bottom.  This will snap into a hole on the bottom of your spotter arm once you get the piece centered.  If it doesn't, it will still hold the protector in place.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

The fit and functionality are just about perfect. The red is a close match to my Rogue rack. I definitely recommend these.

Innovative solution

I first purchased two pairs of the safety spotter arm protectors a couple of years ago after seeing them being used on IG by @efrenlifts … my personal training studio has primarily black and orange equipment, so from a branding standpoint the orange end caps were a home run.

Not only do they do a great job of protecting the metal from wear, but they keep people from whacking into the end of the black spotter arms, too. They sort of function like traffic cones.

I’m expanding my business, and just ordered two more pairs for my new equipment coming in. Will happily buy more products from Aperture again in the future.


I saw these on a youtube video by Basement Brandon, I think is the name, a home gym guy who does reviews. I figured, why not? How bad could they be? Well I was very pleasantly surprised. They are made well, tough, and fit like a glove. No more metal on metal contact. Rogue ought to contract with this company to make them.