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Hand Wrenches

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These are compact and low cost wrenches that are useful for putting together equipment or for those accessories that you reconfigure often.

You can use these over the top of your bolts and nuts as wrenches, or you can semi-permanently install them by running them in reverse and using a spot of glue.

Sold as a pair.


1" Hardware - 1" nuts and bolts with a 1-1/2" head.  This size is commonly used in the Rogue Fitness Monster series.

5/8" Hardware - These fit 5/8" nuts and bolts that take a 15/16" socket.  This size is commonly used on the Rogue Monster Lite series and the Titan Fitness T-3 and X-3 racks.

M18 Hardware - These fit M18 nuts and bolts that take a 27mm socket.  This size is commonly used on the REP Fitness PR-4000 series and their other racks that have 5/8” holes.

M20 Hardware - These fit M20 nuts and bolts that take a 30mm socket. These fit some racks made outside of the USA, such as BLK BOX and Cluster Fitness.

M24 Hardware - This fits M24 nuts and bolts that take a 36mm socket.  Some examples are the REP Fitness PR-4000, PR-1000, and PR-1050 series power racks