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Rogue Fitness Monster Lite (3x3) to Infinity (2x3) Retrofit Adapter

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Sold in pairs.

This item will allow you to fit various Monster Lite accessories to your Infinity power rack or squat stand, or any accessories for 3"x3" power racks with 5/8" holes to your 2"x3" power rack with 5/8" holes.

There are 2 adapter variants.

  • The 0.5 inch thickness is used on accessories where the pin inserts from the front or rear of the upright, such as J-Cups, Spotter Arms, drop-in safeties, and the Titan X-3 Monolift.
  • The 1 inch thickness is used for accessories that pin on from the sides, such as the Rogue Adjustable Monolift, Rogue Matador, and the Rogue Kids Pull-up Bar.

Here's a rough list of 3"x3" racks with 5/8" holes:

Rogue Monster Lite Series (RML)
Titan Fitness X-3 Series (11/16", but close enough)
REP Fitness PR-4000 Series (75mmx75mm)
Bells of Steel Hydra Series

Accessories from the above racks can be adapted to 2"x3" racks with 5/8" holes such as the Rogue Fitness Infinity Series.

One pair will work to adapt most accessories, such as J-Cups, the Rogue Monster Lite Kids Pull-up Bar, the Adjustable Monolift, SAML-24 spotter arms, and more.

You will need 2 pairs to adapt the strap safeties and flip-down safeties.

Installation is simple.  Insert these between the accessory and the rack to fill in the gap.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Simple way to have more accessories for the Infinity racks, at low cost.

I bought 2 pairs for my monster lite straps to fit correctly to my infinity rack. You can use the monster lite straps without this adapter but the mounting brackets that hold the straps will lay more inward due to the width of the rack being 2" instead of 3". The adapter makes the straps fit correctly and are cheaper than the adapter Rogue sells, Rogue sells an adapter but it is only advertised to work with their rack mounted wrist roller. I can recommend these adapters without a doubt in my mind.