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Weight Storage Spacer for 1.9" Rogue Fitness Storage Pegs

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These spacers are designed to prevent your weight plates from banging up against the mounting bolts on your plate storage pegs.

These fit typical storage pegs that measure 1.9" in diameter (slightly smaller than a barbell).  This is the size used by Rogue Fitness.  These also fit:

This model will fit very loose on the REP Fitness storage horns, and will not fit at all on Titan Fitness products.

These spacers have a 7mm deep cutout on one end to fit over the welds at the base of the weight pin.

These will not fit over an Olympic barbell.

Be sure to measure your setup to see what size you need.  If you want a custom size, contact us and we can customize it for you.

Sold individually.



Q: What size spacers do I need for the Rogue Vertical Plate Tree 2.0?

A: This is how the weight tree looks in stock form.  The head side of the bolt is shorter than the nut side, so your plates will hit on one side if you use 30mm spacers.  If you want to keep your weight tree in stock form, 1x30mm and 1x40mm spacer should work.

If you are a little more crafty and would like to use equal sized spacers on both sides, you can buy a couple of 5/8" flat washers and stick them under the head of the bolt (see below).  This will shorten the bolt on the nut side enough that you can now use 30mm spacers on both sides.  McMaster-Carr part number 92141A035 should work, but you can also grab some at your local hardware store.

To be 100% sure on fit, we always recommend measuring your setup.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Exactly what I expected. Good quality, does the job, no complaints.

Mui Mui
Great spacers

I have like 10 of them in varying sizes/colors. Does it job and works as advertised. You can even order in 5mm increments.


I’d give 3 thumbs up if I had 3 thumbs.


Perfect fit on the Rogue equipment, well made.

Andy Kniering
30mm Rogue Tree Spacers

Fit snugly, perfect for making sure my plates don't get scored by the lower bolt on the rogue tree. Bought a bunch more to keep it uniform and all fit perfectly. Fast service too, not to mention one of the coolest business cards I've ever seen!