Weight Storage Spacer for 2" Titan Fitness Storage Pegs

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These spacers are designed to prevent your weight plates from banging up against the mounting bolts on your plate storage pegs.  

These fit storage pegs that measure 2" in diameter.  This is the size used by Titan Fitness.

This model will fit very loose on the REP Fitness storage horns, and somewhat loose on Rogue Fitness products.  We have other models that fit those pegs.

These spacers will fit over a barbell.  They can be used to space your plates further out.

These spacers have a 7mm deep cutout on one end to fit over the welds at the base of the weight pin.

Be sure to measure your setup to see what size you need.  If you want a custom size, contact us and we can customize it for you.

Sold individually.


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