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J-Cup Protectors - Ghost Strong 2.0

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These J-Cup protectors are designed to protect the finish and knurling on your barbells from metal-on-metal contact, as well as the finish of the J-Cup.

This design is compatible with the Ghost Strong J-Cup 2.0.

In 2022, Rogue Fitness purchased Ghost Strong and changed the J-Cup design, adding UHMW protection to the front lip. If you have this version, this design will not fit your J-Cups.

These covers also fit the J-Cups even if you are using the optional Ghost Duffalo blocks.

Sold as a pair.


1. Slip J-Cup Protector over the front of the J-Cup.  The nub inside the protector will slip into the hex bolt head.  There is a left and a right side to this design, so make sure to use the correct part.

2. Optionally use some hot glue underneath to help keep them from popping off when hit laterally.