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J-Hook Protectors - Titan Fitness T-3 V1

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These J-Cup protectors are designed to protect the finish and knurling on your barbells from metal-on-metal contact.

This design is compatible with the Titan Fitness T-2 and T-3 2"x3" Series Power Rack J-Hooks.  These have a single piece of UHMW on the bottom mounted with a single screw.  This design does not fit the T-2 or T-3 Series J-Hooks with the UHMW on the front inside lip.  Look for my V2 J-Hook design for those.

Sold as a pair.


1. Using an Allen wrench, remove your original UHMW plastic.

2. Slip your new J-Cup Protector over the front of the J-Cup.

3. Screw your original UHMW plastic back in on top of the new piece.

4. The gap between the OEM UHMW might be tight on the back.  You might need to file off a small amount to get your lower UHMW to sit flush.